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What Does a Buyer's Agent Do For You as a Buyer?


How Much Do You Pay a Real Estate Agent as a Buyer?

What Are Some Upfront Costs to Expect as a Buyer?

Should You Have an Appraisal Done Before Your List Your Home For Sale?


When You Submit an Offer & the Seller Accepts, When is it Official?


Is Zillow's "Zestimate" (your homes value) Accurate?

What Steps Should You Take to Prepare Your Home For Sale?


How Soon Can You Get Your Keys When Buying a Home?

You Found a Home You Want to Put an Offer On. What's Next?

How Long Does it Usually Take to Find a Home?


Is it Good or Bad to Buy a 2 Bedroom Home?

What's one of the MOST important steps when buying a home, besides having a solid real estate agent?

What's the minimum required credit score when buying a home and how can you improve your score?

What does a multiple offer situation (aka a bidding war) look like?

When you're buying a home, what are a few ways to find out some of the defects the home may have?
What's one of the MOST important tips to NETTING as much money possible when selling your home?

How can you get the best deal possible on your homeowners insurance?

What is earnest money and are you required to offer it with your offer?

What is a POS?

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If you're thinking about selling your home, should you wait until Spring to get top dollar or list it for sale now?

How much money do you need to put down on a home? 0%, .5%, 5%? 

Do both spouses need to be on the loan when buying a home?

When is your first house payment due when you buy a home? 

How fast can you close on a home after you have an accepted offer?

Do you feel embarrassed for not knowing how the home buying process works or for asking questions? Don’t waste your time searching high and low on google for all of your answers!

How can you find “off market” homes as a buyer to help avoid that dreaded bidding war/multiple offer situation?